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Dogs and Cats
Whether you have working dogs or pets, we can supply you with the best nutritional food available from all the leading brands as well as fun treats and nibbles.
We keep a variety of leading cat foods and treats from top brands and also supply cat litter in various sizes.

Chudleys Biscuit 15kg
Chudleys Classic 15kg
Chudleys Greyhound Maintenance 15kg
Chudleys Junior 15kg
Chudleys Original 15kg
Chudleys Puppy 10kg
Chudleys Senior 15kg
Chudleys Working Crunch 15kg
Pedigree Adult 3kg
Pedigree Adult Complete 15kg
Pedigree Better By Nature Pouches
Pedigree Better By Nature Tins
Pedigree Dog Mixer
Pedigree Light 13kg
Pedigree Pouches
Pedigree Puppy 10kg
Pedigree Puppy Complete 3kg
Pedigree Puppy Pouches
Pedigree Real Meals Pouches
Pedigree Simply Meaty
Pedigree Small Bite Mixer 1kg
Pedigree Small Bite Mixer 9kg
Pedigree Small Dog Favourites Pouches
Pedigree Tins

James Wellbeloved Dog Food
Adult 15kg
Adult 2kg
Adult 7.5kg
Adult Kibble 15kg
Adult Kibble 2kg
Adult Pouches
Junior 15kg
Junior 2kg
Junior Kibble 15kg
Puppy 2kg
Puppy Pouches
Senior/light 15kg


Beta Dog Food
Beta Active 15kg
Beta Active 3kg
Beta Adult 15kg
Beta Adult 3kg
Beta Adult Sensitive 15kg
Beta Light 15kg
Beta Light 3kg
Beta Maintenance 15kg
Beta Puppy 15kg
Beta Puppy 3kg
Beta Senior 15kg
Beta Senior 3kg
Bakers Dog Food
Bakers Adult 15kg
Bakers Adult 6kg
Bakers Gravy Bites 3kg
Bakers Light 12.5kg
Bakers Puppy 12.5kg
Bakers Puppy 6kg


Chappie Dog Food
Chappie 15kg
Chappie Complete Original 15kg
Chappie Tins


Wafcol 15kg
Wafcol 3kg
Wafcol Greyhound Maintenance 15kg
Wafcol Puppy Complete 3kg
Winalot Mixer
Winalot Tins
Hills Science Plan Dog
Hills Adult 15kg
Hills Adult 3kg
Hills Adult 3kg
Hills Adult 7.5kg
Hills Adult Light 15kg
Hills Natures Best Adult 2kg
Hills Natures Best Mature Dog 2kg
Hills Natures Best Puppy 2kg
Hills Mature Adult 15kg
Hills Mature Dog light 3kg
Hills Puppy 15kg
Hills Puppy 15kg
Hills Puppy 7.5kg
Hills Sensitive Stomach 12kg
Eukanuba Adult
Eukanuba Junior
Eukanuba Large
Eukanuba Light
Eukanuba Puppy
Eukanuba Senior
PAL Dog Food
Pal Complete 15kg
Pal Working Dog
Miscellaneous Dog Food
Arden Grange 15kg
Autarky 15kg
Better By Nature 15kg
Butchers tins
Cesar Pouches
Dr Johns Gold 15kg
Dr Johns Silver 15kg
Gilpa Kennel 15kg
Gusto 15kg
Moongold 15kg
Nature Diet
Natures Menu
Pro Plan
Titmass Dog Rings
Whipley Manor Dog Food
Sheba Pouches
Whiskas 2kg Dry Food
Whiskas 7.5kg Dry food
Whiskas Adult Pouches
Whiskas Cat Milk
Whiskas Kitten Pouches
Whiskas Oh So Pouches
Whiskas Senior Pouches
Whiskas Tins
Hills Science Plan Cat
Hills Adult Cat 10kg
Hills Adult Cat 15kg
Hills Adult Cat 2kg
Hills Adult Cat 5kg
Hills Pouches
Hills Kitten 2kg
Hills Mature Cat 5kg
Hills Oral Cat 5kg
Hills Senior 2kg

Go Cat
Adult 2kg
Adult 10kg


Felix Adult Pouches
Felix Kitten Pouches
Felix Tins

Kite-Kat Pouches
Kite-Kat Tins


James Wellbeloved
Cat Food 5kg
Cat Food 2kg