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Horse Feeds
We stock a great variety of horse feeds from all the leading brands to ensure we can supply you with the most suitable feed for your horse or pony. You can also purchase sacks of fresh carrots.

Take a look at the stock we hold on the list further down the page. To find out more about a particular brand or type of feed, aimply scroll down and click on the brand's website link.

Hay and Haylage
Whipley Manor Farm produces its own high quality meadow hay. We stock both soft and coarse hay.
For those that prefer haylage for their horse, we supply several varieties from a number of quality assured producers. Click here to see the list of what we supply.

Allen & Page
Calm & Condition
Competition Extra
Fast Fibre
Hacking Mix
L Mix
Light Competition Mix
Micronised Flaked Peas
Old Faithful
Power & Performance
Quiet Cubes
Quiet Mix
Ride & Relax
Slim & Healthy
Stud & Youngstock
Stud & Youngstock Mix
Sugar & Cereal Intolerance
Weight Gain


Conditioning Cubes
Country Mix
Easy Rider
Euro Beet
Even Keel
Feed & Fibre
Herbal Mix
High Fibre Nuggets
Triple Top Up
Ultra Grass
Veteran Mix
No 1 Baileys
No 2 Working Cubes
No 4 Conditioning Cubes
No 6 Endurance Mix
No 9 Competition Mix
No 10 Race Horse Mix
No 11Race Horse Cubes
No 14 Lo Cal
No 13 Pony Mix
No 15 Senior
No 17 Conditioning Mix
British Oats
Everyday Cubes
Everyday Mix
Foal Creep Pellets
Oat Balancer Mix
Stud Balancer
Balanced Horse Feeds
Developer/Youngstock Mix
Show Mix
Blue Chip
Original Pro
Alfalfa Oil Mollichaff
Apple Mollichaff
Calmer Mollichaff
High Fibre Alfalfa Mollichaff
Hoof Kind Mollichaff
Original Mollichaff
Show Shine Mollichaff
Veteran Mollichaff


Dengie Hi-Fi Good Doer
Dengie Alfa A Lite
Dengie Alfa Pellets
Dengie Alfa Beet
Dengie Hi-Fi Senior
Dengie Healthy Hooves
Dengie Alfa A
Dengie Hi-Fi Original
Dengie Hi-Fi Lite
Dengie Alfa A Oil
Dodson & Horrell
Alfa Alfa
Barley Rings
Build Up Cubes
Build Up Mix
Competition Country Mix
Convalescent Diet
Equilac Milk
Equine Sensitive
Flaked Barley
Flaked Wheat
Foal Creep Pellets
Foal Mix
Just Grass
Leisure Mix
Mare & Youngstock Mix
Pasture Mix
Pasture/Country Cubes
Performance Concentrate
Rolled Oats
Safe & Sound
Sixteen Plus Cubes
Sixteen Plus Mix
Staypower Cubes
Staypower Muesli
Stud Cubes
Stud Diet
Ultimate Balancer
Yearling Cubes


Coarse Mix
Conditioning Cubes
Enduro 10
Equitona Conditioner
Fibre Care
Oat & Barley Free
Triple A
Triple A Oil
Donkey Diet
Enduro 100
Level Grow Mix
Level Grow Pencils
Stud Pencils
Conditioning & Show Mix
Conditioning Cubes
Conditioning Fibre
Conditioning Mix
Cool Mix
Happy Hoof
High Fibre Cubes
Horse & Pony Nuts
Instant Energy Cubes
Instant Energy Mix
Lay Off Cubes
Meadow Herb Mix
Race Cubes
Race Mix with Naked Oats
Slow Release Cubes
Slow Release Mix
Stud & Youngstock
Winergy Low
Winergy Medium
Winergy Senior
Winergy Condition
Winergy Equilibrium Growth


Cool Conditioning Cubes
Feed Balancer
Leisure Time
Senior Balancer
Topspec Anti-lam Tub
Topspec Comprehensive
Topspec Conditioning Flakes
Hay & Haylage

Easy Pack
No Soak
Hay / Straw
Easy Pack Hay
Easy Pack Straw
Traditional Hay
Traditional Straw