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Welcome to our website, where we hope you will find useful information about our animal feeds and supplies, a little on our history and some useful links to the other businesses located here.

Your animals are our business. Whether your passion for animals is for pleasure, competing, or breeding horses, or you are a small holder, or you simply enjoy cats, dogs and other animals as part of your life, Whipley Manor Farm aims to help you maintain their health and well being by providing you with the best quality animal feeds at competitive prices with friendly advice.

Please browse through our website to find a wide variety of quality animal feeds, specialised supplements and bedding to suit your every need. We also offer an extensive selection of wormers, stable equipment, electric fencing and poultry accessories.

We also deliver

Many of our customers come directly to the farm to purchase their supplies, however we are also able to deliver and we have suitable 4x4 vehicles that can get your order to where it needs to be, even off the beaten track. Please phone or email us to make sure we can get to your home or stables.

Happy to help
If you can't find what you are looking for, get in touch and we will be happy to answer your questions and do all we can to source the product for you. Or, why not stop by our shop on the farm and have a browse at the kinds of products we have available? You can even buy Salcombe Diary Ice cream and locally grown sacks of potatoes!

You'll find our contact details on each page and here.