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Small Pets
For your children's pets such as guinea pigs, chinchillas and rabbits we have everything they will need including feed, small bales of bedding, hutches, runs, feeders and drinkers.

We also cater for wild birds, parakeets, budgies and parrots. We offer a selection of different seeds and fat balls. You will find a list of products we stock itemised below. Please let us know if you would like us to source other feeds.


Small Pet
Allen & Page Guinea Pig Food 15kg
Belvedere Rabbit 15kg
Chudleys Rabbit Royal
Gerty Guinea Pig 15kg
Gerty Guinea Pig 1kg
Gerty Guinea Pig 2.5kg
Gerty Guinea Pig 850gm
Harry Hamster 1kg
Harry Hamster 2.5kg
Russell Rabbit 15kg
Russell Rabbit 1kg
Russell Rabbit 2.5kg

Bird Food
Black Sunflower Seeds
Canary Feed
Cockatiel & Parakeet Mix
Fat Refills
Hemp Seed
Large Fat Balls
Monkey Nuts
Niger Seed
Robin Feed
Seed & Insect Suet Feast
Small Fat Balls
Sunflower Hearts
Wild Bird Fat Feast
Wild Bird Seed