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Meet The Team

We are a small but tightly knit team here at Whipley Manor. Each staff member is knowledgeable and friendly, ensuring your visit to our store is an enjoyable one

Mark – Warehouse Manager

We would be lost at Whipley without Mark. He is in charge of the warehouse and makes sure everything runs smoothly back there. Mark worked as a gardener at a neighbouring estate before he came to Whipley and is a master on the forklift.

Bill – Retail Assistant & Delivery Driver

Bill is the Whipley secret weapon, when he’s not charming customers or delivering feed, he can be found entertaining the crowds at our open days with his band, The Decades.

Lisa – Shop Manager 

Lisa is Will’s sister and joined the shop team to help out during the Covid crisis. Together with Dee she manages the store and uses her extensive experience as a legal secretary to great effect in the office. In her younger days, Lisa trained with Ali Cookson at East Whipley Farm to achieve her BHS AI qualifications, and has competed in every discipline.  Lisa owns Flash, a lovely grey gelding and can be spotted hacking around the farm. 

Charlotte – Shop Assistant

Charlotte has ridden horses all her life and owns a lovely gelding called Oddie. Charlotte also has many other pets including dogs, ferrets and chickens. She’s our resident frozen dog food specialist and when she is not manning the fort at Whipley she also works part-time as a dog hydrotherapy assistant.

Dee – Shop Manager

Dee has worked in equestrian retail for many years and holds her equine and pet SQP qualifications. Dee has a passion for showjumping and has competed at venues all over the UK.  She owns two geldings called Groovy and Otto. 

Will – The Boss

Will is the third generation farmer at Whipley and has spearheaded the whole redevelopment and diversification of the farm. Will has a real passion for conservation, examples of which can be seen all over the estate. We have Will to thank for all the delicious hay we sell here in the feed store, every year he spends the summer hard at work cutting and turning 150 acres

Les – Delivery Driver

Les is our fantastic delivery driver. He knows every customer and takes great pride in offering an incomparable and personal delivery service.  At home, he has three rescue dogs, enjoys rehabilitating sick and injured wild animals and drumming with his band Re-Vibe.

The Weekend Staff

Kacy, Morgan, Bella, Jody and Ollie cover various shifts over the weekend and during college holidays. Each have their own unique skills and will be happy to help you whenever you visit the store