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We stock a wide range of equine supplements from industry-leading brands including TRM, NAF, Omega Equine, Equine America and Global Herbs to name just a few 

Horse Bedding

Here at Whipley we pride ourselves on only stocking bedding we have tried and approved with our own horses. We have a great selection of top quality, dust extracted shavings, eco friendly chopped alternatives such as hemp and miscanthus, conventional straw bales made right here on the farm and wood or straw pellets.


Aubiose Hemp Bedding

Aubiose is a 100% natural material, which composts readily without the need for added composting agents. For this reason farmers and gardeners love it. Furthermore, Aubiose is an annually renewable resource, which can be traced back to the field in which it was grown!


Royalspan Shavings

Royalspan wood shavings are hygienic and pure, recommended by vets and practically dust-free. During manufacture, no pesticides or chemical additives are used and they provide a comfy, economical bed for your equine friends.


VIDA  Stallstromm

Vida bedding is made from high quality, renewable spruce from Swedish forests. The wood shavings are extracted to ensure all bedding is free from dust, additives and treated timber. Vida bedding is a natural choice that is both good for the animals and the environment.


Easy Pack Straw Pellets

Exclusively designed by Easy Pack to provide a straw pellet bedding that is both good for the horse, owner, environment and  your wallet. Providing a soft supportive bed that crumbles easily and provides a cushioning bed. It does not need damping down, using up valuable absorbency capacity. It is time-saving and better for the environment. 



Bedmax bedding products are purpose made to provide an ideal bedding for horses and ponies. They are made  from fresh timber sourced from renewable UK forestry. Bedmax bedding has been developed to offer owners a natural bedding that helps address the issues that threaten the health and welfare of horses in stables.


Easy Pack Miscanthus

We sell a number of Easy Pack bedding options including Miscanthus, Chopped straw and straw pellets. Environmentally friendly and made locally in Horsham helping to reduce our stores carbon footprint!