Burly Bed Chopped Rape Straw Scented Bedding




Burlybed Light Extra is made in the exact same way as Burlybed Light. Using UK grown oilseed rape straw sourced from British Farm Assured farms and processed to create a soft, supportive and free draining bedding.

  • 100% Oilseed rape straw

  • Eucalyptus & aloe vera

  • Naturally antiseptic, soothing & fresh

  • Low dust

  • Highly absorbent

  • Light & soft

  • Supportive

  • Cost effective

  • Biodegradable

  • Recyclable packaging

We have added the extra benefit of a unique formulation of naturally antiseptic eucalyptus and soothing aloe vera. Our exclusive treatment is 100% natural, creating a hygienic and fresh environment, helping to combat and mask odours and acting as a deterrent for those horses tempted to eat bedding. Eucalyptus is used for its naturally antibacterial properties, combined with the soothing properties of aloe vera, making a great addition to our high quality rape straw bedding.


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