Burly Bed Chopped Straw Bedding




Burlybed Soft Extra is made from 100% chopped wheat straw with the added extra benefit of naturally antiseptic eucalyptus and soothing aloe vera.

  • 100% Chopped wheat straw

  • Eucalyptus & aloe vera

  • Finely chopped

  • Ultra soft

  • Free draining

  • Dust extracted

  • Easy to muck out

  • Quick to rot down

  • Recyclable packaging

Wheat is one of the most common crops grown across the UK, mainly milling wheat that is ground down for flour. The by-product of this crop is the straw that has been traditionally used for animal bedding for many years.

We source high quality, UK grown wheat straw and process it right here on the farm. During the production process, the raw material is shredded and dust extracted to produced a finely chopped, ultra soft and free draining product that is then baled, stacked, wrapped and sent on its way to our stockists.

We have added the extra benefit of a unique formulation of naturally antiseptic eucalyptus and soothing aloe vera. Our exclusive treatment is 100% natural, creating a hygienic and fresh environment, helping to combat and mask odours and acting as a deterrent for those horses tempted to eat bedding.

Eucalyptus was chosen for its naturally antibacterial properties and fresh scent. Combined with the soothing features of aloe vera, this formulation makes a great addition to our bedding.


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