Easy Pack Straw PELLETS


Exclusively designed by Easy Pack to provide a straw pellet bedding that is both good for the horse, owner, environment and your wallet.

Providing a soft supportive bed that crumbles easily and provides a cushioning bed. It does not need damping down, using up valuable absorbency capacity.

It is time-saving and better for the environment.

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Why choose Easy Pack Pellet Bedding rather than Wood Pellets?

Easy Pack straw pellets have many advantages over the wood pellets, below we list the reasons so you can make you own mind up.

-Especially made for the equine market. Not a fuel pellet sold as a bedding pellet.

-Softer pellets that are a lot more absorbent. No watering needed.

-Reduce the smell of ammonia in the stable.

-Absorbs water up to 4 times faster than standard hard wood pellets. Urine stays in one place. Easy to spot and remove.

-Money saving as less material is removed each mucking out, last longer, fewer pellets used.

-It reduces working time by 50-70%

-Straw pellets crumble easier making a more comfortable, cushioning bedding which is non slip, often wood pellets can be more slippery.

-Rots down 90% quicker than wood on the muck heap. Fewer muck heap removals needed.

-Easy Pack Pellets are non-nutrient leaching from the soil – they are a good source of slow release nitrogen. Unlike wood based bedding which removes nitrogen from the ground when it rots therefore being a good fertiliser.
-Natural straw smell, not harmful to horses respiratory system, unlike wood resin smell which is an irritant to ours and the horses lungs.

-Pellets are heat treated to reduce harmful spores and moulds. Pellets are dust free.

-More Eco friendly, straw pellets are using a by product of agriculture, wood pellets are made from trees in a 25 year plus growth cycle.

-Straw pellets are also more convenient to store as they take up 50% less space than most chopped products.

-Easy Pack Pellets have 300% water absorption capacity which is 50% more than wood pellets and 3 times more than shavings!


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