Eley VIP Game 12g 30grm 6


Per box of 25 Cartridges

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Eley Hawk’s VIP Game range is the longstanding cartridge of choice for game enthusiasts. Each stamped with the Gold EBL shield – your hallmark for quality and reliability – with a large variation of load weights and shot sizes to cater for all quarry species.

VIP Game cartridges deliver consistent patterning at fast speeds with comfortable recoil to ensure clean kills at impressive ranges. Even after a day firing a lot of shells, you will find minimal powder or residue in the barrels thanks to the premium powders.
“They deliver everything one could possibly want in a game cartridge; outstanding patterns, fast speeds, convincing knock-down power, low recoil, and consistent quality. We have used over 100,000 VIPs at Linhope in the past three years with not one misfire. Impressive quality.” ~ Lord James Percy, Renowned Game Shot

Once you shoot with Eley VIP’s nothing else is quite the same. Superior patterning and ballistics ensure the best in class performance.


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