Saracen Comp fit Balancer 20kg


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COMPETITION-FIT-BALANCER is a highly nutritious, low intake performance balancer in the unique form of a mix. Being in mix form allows this balancer to provide a higher level of fibre and oil which support stamina, and the inclusion of micronised maize helps to provide a higher energy level when compared to traditional pelleted feed balancers. The blend of energy sources supports a controlled energy release helping to maintain a calm and trainable temperament.

COMPETITION-FIT-BALANCER contains quality sources of protein to ensure a supply of essential amino acids to help support muscle development, cell renewal, tissue, and muscle repair. “Super-Fibre” sources provide highly digestible fibre which supports and encourages a healthy digestive system and microflora balance in the hindgut, as well as helping to encourage water intake and water retention in the hindgut to maintain hydration.

Live yeast and Acid Buf support an optimum stomach environment and help manage those horses with compromised digestive function. The use of a live yeast has also been shown to help support feed and forage digestibility and maintaining a stable gut flora population during times of stress. The inclusion of these ingredients is especially useful for fussy horses and those prone to Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome.

The inclusion of micronised maize not only helps to support additional palatability but also helps to ensure that muscle glycogen and energy reserve stores are not depleted, thus supporting optimum recovery rates post-exercise, and reducing the onset of early fatigue. This allows performance horses to train, compete and recover throughout the season

COMPETITION-FIT-BALANCER is flavoured with spearmint and natural mint herb to keep tempting the appetites of performance horses that may “back off” the manger and therefore miss out on optimal intakes of quality protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants during the season.


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