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Equi-Jewel® is a highly digestible, pelleted rice bran supplement that is very effective at adding condition and topline. Naturally high in oil, Equi-Jewel® is a versatile and concentrated source of energy for horses of all ages and activity levels.

Equi-Jewel® is designed to increase the energy density (calories) of a ration helping to maintain condition on “poor-doers” and provide energy in a slow-release form to horses with elevated demands such as the hard working competition horse. Equi-Jewel® is very compatible for use alongside other Saracen Performance and Conditioning feeds if additional calories are required for the level of work being done.

Equi-Jewel also contains BMC® (Buffered Mineral Complex), a superior source of marine-derived calcium which has been proven to offer a buffering effect on the digestive system, making this supplement particularly beneficial to horses who may be at risk of suffering from digestive upsets.

The use of Equi-Jewel® is also beneficial to horses with muscular disorders as it provides an alternative source of energy meaning that cereal and starch levels can be reduced, whilst performance is maintained.

Horses receiving Equi-Jewel® will quickly exhibit stunning coat gloss and bloom. Additional antioxidants (vitamin E and selenium) are added to Equi-Jewel® to combat free radical production. Feeding a pelleted oil supplement such as Equi-Jewel® is beneficial from a palatability and digestibility point of view as pelleted oil supplements are less likely to hinder forage digestion.


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