Saracen Stamm 30


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STAMM 30® is a highly concentrated source of essential proteins, vitamins, and minerals specifically designed to support breeding and youngstock. STAMM 30® is whole cereal free, low in starch and sugar, and will produce a low glycaemic response post feeding. This makes it suitable for fast growing foals and horses with more excitable temperaments. STAMM 30® can be fed alongside a forage only diet or alongside the existing ration to support nutrient intake.

All types of breeding stock will benefit from the elevated inclusion of antioxidants within STAMM 30®, in particular, natural vitamin E, which supports immune function, colostrum quality and can help to support optimal muscle function. STAMM 30® also includes Maerl, a bioavailable source of calcium which has been shown to support bone development and maintain optimal gastric health.

STAMM 30® is also low in calories making it ideal for broodmares out at grass, who are in good body condition, and youngstock that are maintaining their weight well and do not, therefore, require extra weight but still need an optimal intake of vitamins and minerals. Stamm 30 can also be fed to breeding stallions that do not require a high-calorie intake to maintain body condition.

STAMM 30® is suitable for supplementing gestating mares out at grass post-weaning from the middle of their second trimester, (week 20 of their pregnancy onwards), through to their last trimester of pregnancy taking care of key nutrients required at this stage. Barren mares can also benefit from this maintenance diet.


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