Saracen Stud Pencils


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A multipurpose traditional stud feed based on a blend of cereals and fibre sources providing an easy feed to ration well suited to broodmares, stallions and young stock. Stud Cubes delivers additional benefits beyond a traditional feed with the inclusion of BMC® (Buffered Mineral Complex), a source of calcium and other naturally occurring minerals proven to benefit bone development in young horses and support digestive function through its natural buffering capacity.

Stud Cubes can be fed as the sole stud feed or in partnership with Stamm 30 Balancer depending on body condition and availability of pasture during the season. Where mares, stallions or young growing horses cannot be fed Stud Cubes at the normal feeding rate Stamm 30 provides a concentrated source of nutrients in a low calorie format allowing for regulation of growth and weight gain as required.

Young growing horses that are susceptible to rapid growth rates and require a lower glycemic feed would be best supported by Level-Grow Cubes or Level Grow Mix.


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