Spillers Lay Off Cubes 25kg


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Spillers HDF Lay Off Cubes are suitable for horses during early fittening work, box rest and recuperation. The high digestible fibre and controlled starch provides sustainable energy for fittening work and the quality protein supports muscle development.

  • Low energy cube for racing and performance horses at rest and during early training.
  • High in fibre and low in starch to support gastric, digestive and muscle health.
  • With a high level of lysine to support muscle tone and development.
  • Includes probiotic live yeast to support hindgut health.
  • With added vitamin C for respiratory support.
  • High in vitamin E the most important antioxidant to support immune and muscle health.
  • Rich in calcium to support bone re-modelling during rest and early training.
  • Includes chelated zinc, copper and manganese to help maximise absorption.


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