Spillers Lite & Lean Balancer


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  • LITE & LEAN BALANCER HORSE FEED — a multi-vitamin and mineral balancer specially formulated to balance a weight loss diet, includes cinnamon and FOS to help support a healthy metabolism
  • HIGH IN LYSINE — the essential amino acid lysine is typically deficient in weight loss diets and is key for supporting your horses and ponies’ muscle and topline
  • SUITABLE FOR HORSES PRONE TO LAMINITIS — our Lite & Lean Balancer horse feed is whole cereal grain-free and low in starch and sugar, making it ideal for horses and ponies prone to laminitis
  • SUPPORTS HOOF HEALTH — every 500g serving of SPILLERS Lite & Lean Balancer contains 15mg of biotin, proven to support hoof health by aiding hoof hardness and growth in horses


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