Spillers Stamina plus cubes


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Spillers Stamina+ Cubes – rich in highly digestible fibre and oil to fuel endurance and maintain optimum condition, and are low in starch and sugar and molasses free to support gut health and reduce the risk of excitability.

They supply high quality protein to support muscle health and topline and include natural, bioavailable vitamin E to support immunity, muscle health and athletic performance.

With probiotic live yeast alongside prebiotic MOS and FOS to support digestive health, Stamina+ Cubes provide a full complement of vitamins and minerals including chelated copper, zinc and manganese to help maximise absorption.

Ingredients: Wheatfeed, Soya hulls (GM), Oatfeed, Sunflower seed meal dehulled, Rice bran, Unmolasses sugar beet, Calcium carbonate, Rapeseed oil, Salt, Oligo-fructose, Yeast products


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